Final Friday Featured Fashion Find (sniff)

Goodbye Friday Featured Fashion Find. We’ve had a good run but I feel us drifting apart… It’s not you it’s me. I just havn’t got the time you deserve to be given anymore… (Sniff).

But I will do one more for old times sake! This week I have been lusting comfy, casual hoodies – but obviously they have to be in trend too! They are a total staple for lounging indoors in comfort, or to shrug on for a brisk walk into town. Here is an affordable yet stylish selection I found this week…


Laura Neon Zip Through Hoody £10

Forever 21 £16.75

Mariah Dogtooth All Over Print Zip Up Hoodie

Boohoo (in the sale) £8

Jack Wills £59.50

Hollister £50

The last two are better if you want a good quality hoodie – I can personally vouch for the fact that the Hollister one is REALLY soft as I have a navy one which I wear with everything. However, the others are great bargain buys. All are super casual but with a hint of a trend going on – meaning you can wear it out!

Thank you for reading,


Simplistic beauty x


4 thoughts on “Final Friday Featured Fashion Find (sniff)

  1. Well whilst i can appreciate lack of time being an issue, it is a sad day. However a big thank u for your blog whilst it lasted………Its been fun, funky original and lively, S x

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