Fashion At Your Fingertips: Intro and Neutral Nails

An inexpensive and fun way to shake up your look is by injecting some life into your nails, maybe with a splash of colour, or perhaps you’ll try your hand at some nail art. Therefore, I will be writing a series of posts titled ‘Fashion At Your Fingertips’, which will give you one look per post. Here is the first look to get you started….



I love this glam and sophisticated look which is perfect for everyday. Keep it clean with cool greys, or warm and earthy with mushroom brown hues. In the picture, I am wearing NYC Colour’s Park Ave 246 which I have only recently purchased. I think it was something like £1.50 and I was really impressed with the high shine and gloss, meaning I haven’t had to bother with a top coat. I’ve never experimented with the so-called ‘Foundation Nails’ before so didn’t want to splash out, but they have proved to be a really cost effective buy as it’s now the 5th day I’ve been wearing them and I havn’t had one chip!! :-O Some other examples of where you can buy them include:

Avon (in the sale) £2.50

Miss Sporty £1.99

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Beautiful Bags

My slightly disturbing obsession with bags may be starting to become evident by now, they’re definitely my  favorite accessory!

And who can help but fall head over heels at the moment what with such gorgeous shapes and styles currently adorning the catwalk, and so consequently the high street. Let me show you two of the most dominant, I think you’ll see what I mean as there is definitely one for every women, or if you’re like me, every occasion, possibility and event! 😉


^ Rucksacks have taken the fashion world by storm, every designer and high street store has cottoned on making it even easier to snap one up. They are splendidly practical what with the storage perfect for books, lunch or sleepover supplies, all of which take up no arms or hands, snugly secured on your back. Every style can be incorporated, take a look at these fresh and funky examples:

Claires (in the sale) £8

NEON – this gorgeous splash of colour would make a perfect update to your wardrobe and for £8 there is no excuse!


Asos £25

GRUNGE – this bag is really unique with the vintage stripe pattern, yet the deep grungy hues give it an unexpected edge, and the price here is also very reasonable considering the size and strength.

Image 1 of ASOS Canvas Stripe Rucksack

Asos £35

STRIPE and PASTEL and VINTAGE – HOW CUTE?!?! This candy coloured bag ticks all the boxes and will be ideal for Spring/Summer. I have no more words. Beautiful.

This is not a trend to let pass, thinking ”This won’t last, I won’t bother.”. NO. Just, no, the fashion industry urges you, do not let this pass.


^ What with the wrath of the still fashionable satchel, boxy bags are definitely in at the moment! Maybe it’s part of the geometric trend, sparked by Loius Vuitton’s classy, refined designs shown above, or perhaps the elegant, minimalism trend? Who knows, all we know is that it’s in, and by that we mean IN.

Topshop £35

This edgy gem is super glamorous as well as rock chick cool. The price is a bit excessive but I havn’t seen anything similar to this anywhere else and it is truly unique… and gorgeous, and… these are the kind of arguments I come up with to try and justify buying something!!

Image 1 of ASOS Leather Boxy Bag With Top HandleImage 3 of ASOS Leather Boxy Bag With Top Handle

Asos £65.00

Ok, it’s not exactly a bargain and I realise this probably isn’t everyone’s taste. I can almost hear you all saying ”OMG it’s hideous!” etc. etc. But… I love it!! It adds sleek sophistication to any outfit and I love how it mixes brown and black – I’m always unsure about doing that but if one item has already done it for you then I feel much more comfortable doing it. Not to mention the practicality and just, how can I describe my love for this bag?! Gorgeous.

Image 3 of ASOS Punchout Boxy BagImage 1 of ASOS Punchout Boxy Bag

Asos (in the sale) £18

Some of you may  think the same about this bag, but it’s a really A-list look. Don’t look at me like that. Sport luxe is all over the catwalks and I plan to do a post defining it better soon but this bag is a great example of it and could be worn in and out of the gym. White is also probably THE colour to be seen with this Sping, another point in this bag’s favour. Not to mention it’s a great price for the size and expensive leather look with the bold red trimming. Buy now!!

My love for these bags may date right back to my childhood. ”But they’ve only just become fashionable!” I hear you cry, yes, but as a child I had a rather strange obsession. Other young girls may have fallen head over heels for dolls, toys or other pink assorted items, but not me. I discovered a love for boxes. I just thought they were so cute and novel – I mean they’re like just an ornament from the outside but then you open them up and… BAM it’s like another world in there!! And then you can PUT stuff in them and carry it secretly round with you, with no one else knowing what’s inside… Oh the wonders. As I have grown older, this adoration has moved more towards fashion, clothes and especially bags. So a bag disguised as a box (or the other way round?) is just like… wow… to me.

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