The Versatility of Vaseline

Ok, so we all know you can use this for your lips but petroleum has numerous other fascinating and practical uses, which you may find surprising. Here are some I have come across…

1) Removing make-up

I know… I found this a bit dubious too but my friend swears by it! She uses it to just lift off the majority of her eye makeup before cleansing the rest off. It would also be good for erasing mistakes with a cotton bud.

2) Strengthening nails

Dotting a bit of Vaseline on your nails and rubbing in with a circular motion is supposed to do wonders for your nails. I already have pretty strong nails but find it makes them look more healthy and passes time in a physics lesson!

3) Softening dry skin

Petroleum is great for cracked heels or elbows. You only need a small amount to rub in otherwise it would get greasy but it cures dry spots in 12hrs!

4) Lengthening and creating fuller lashes

It is said that if you apply a touch of Vaseline to your eyelashes every night, over time,  they will grow fuller and longer. Cool, huh?

5) Making various flavoured lip balms/glosses

Simply mix with whatever flavouring takes your fancy (within reason…) – anything from honey to blended strawberries. You could even melt a single chocolate chip and of course some Vaseline together in the microwave for some chocolate flavoured lip gloss.

6) Making a scrub

Mixing with various sea salts creates a sumptuous and soothing scrub, however I can not say I have tried it myself.

7) Prepare eyelids

Underneath eye shadow, Vaseline creates a shiny, dewy look. Also, it can help the powder sit better – and stay put! Not to mention, how Vaseline has a similar effect on cheeks, making them look youthful and healthy

8) Making sure lipstick does not rub off on your teeth

In order to achieve the afore mentioned, you just apply some of the jelly to your teeth. Can’t imagine it tastes terribly nice though… not sure it sounds very pleasant but hey, if it works!

9) Adding a quick polish to shoes and bags

In a pinch, just rub in a small portion to the surface for a nice shine.

10) Exfoliating lips

Finally, a fairly common and well known use, but nonetheless useful, is how if you apply the petroleum jelly to your lips and then scrub it off with a toothbrush, your lips are left SUPER soft!


Some of these are news to me, and I will definitely be trying some, as I always have a tub of the original handy. Some I’m not too sure about though… You can be the judge of that!


Thank you for reading,


Simplistic beauty x


5 thoughts on “The Versatility of Vaseline

  1. There were definitely some new ideas there that I had not heard of before – I always have a little tin of Vaseline in my handbag, so maybe I shall start using it for other functions. Thanks for the info.

    Judith Date: Mon, 27 May 2013 19:11:27 +0000 To:

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