Friday Feautured Fashion Find

Hello, hello!

I’m going to get on with this week’s featured fashion find right away today without my usual rambling – which makes a change, I know!

It goes by the name of…. Ruby Red.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO, it is a great value, up to date BOUTIQUE which has a beautifully unique clothing and makeup range, a super cutsie selection of makeup and gorgeous, trendy purses and handbags which you won’t find anywhere else! Cool, huh?

Here are some of my favourite pieces of theirs…


1. £24 – HOW CUTE CAN YOU GET?!?! Love the pastels, florals, EVERYTHING!! :O

2. £19 – I adore the vintage, kitsch and pure adorableness of this… it even holds an actual piece of paper with tiny writing on it, I mean, how cool!

3. £18.50 – This graffiti print dress is overflowing with street sass and is an absolute bargain, snap it up quick before it sells out!

4. £2.50 – Ruby Red has a vast array of exotic and cute bath bombs and soaps but I especially liked this sparkly one! They have a small shop near where I live so I can say with confidence that they all smell amazing. 😉

Not many people know about this, so it’s perfect for something a bit different which none of your friends have. It’s actually competing for one of my favourite shops.

Thank you for reading 🙂


Simplistic beauty x


Fancy Pants

Hello my Snowy droplet-y lovelies!

You probably already know all about monochrome, graphic, neons, pastels and geometrics by now, but here is the new way to wear them. I can’t get enough of these snazzy yet smart additions to my dream wardrobe, however some may not be for the lighthearted…

You’ve been warned.

Gap (in the sale) £17.99 from £44.95

I adore the geometric print in this, the bright yet classic blue making it even more exciting and eye-catching – and just look at that reduction! I’m almost reluctant to tell you about this little gem in case they end up being sold out before I can get a chance to check them out in store… The things I do for you guys!

Gap (in the sale) £27.99 £39.95

The colour is what drew me to this pair. Depending on how it was styled, it could add some zing into your Spring (see what I did there??) wardrobe with it’s brightness, or if it was teamed with perhaps a mint green or pale blue it would make a gorgeously feminine pastel-y outfit. The reduction isn’t as exciting, but still great as these would take your right through to Summer, I have no idea why they are reduced!

Topshop £25

Tie dye is big news this Spring/Summer, I love the laidback, slightly oriental vibe it gives off and these vibrant blue joggers are no different. The fact that they’re not proper jeans or trousers with ridged, sharp lines makes them a bit more casual and perhaps forgiving, their jogger style nodding towards sport luxe. I’m not sure how I’d wear them yet, but… I love them!!

New Look £24.99

Ok, so they’re not trousers or jeans, and aren’t exactly a bargain, but come on – they’re gorgeous!! The pastel, candy colours are just too cute and the zig zags are so modern and in at the moment, not to mention how they would be stunning with a girly pink blouse tucked in and heels, or paired down with a slouchy white tee and sandals. Of course, they would be more suited to better weather, but hey, we can work round that with the wonder that is skin coloured tights and maybe a cropped knitted jumper, I could make it work! 😉

A/Wear (in the sale) £10 from £30

My love for this pair is probably for the same reason I love the first pair, the colour means they can be dressed up and down and I love the edgy geometric print! The fact that the pattern is bigger makes it more edgy, how brave will you get? The price means you can experiment with this trend without having to break the bank and go all out. Gorgeous!

These showstoppers demand attention and scream modern… the only question is where would I actually be brave enough to wear them??

Thank you for reading,


Simplistic beauty x

Fashion At Your Fingertips – A Flash Of Fluro

Hello all!

This look combines neutral nails and neon nails in one unique look. You saw it here first…


^Sorry about the shine!

I did exactly the same as what I did for my previous post: ‘Fashion At Your Fingertips – Colour Blocking’ which is paint my entire nail the base colour – in this case NYC’s Colour Park Ave 246 as used in ‘Fashion At Your Fingertips: Intro and Neutral Nails’, then applied some trusty Sellotape to all of the dry nail leaving just a strip at the tip bare. Paint the strip and wait for it to dry before carefully removing the Sellotape to uncover some beautifully neutral nails with just a flash of fluro!

Thank you for reading, I’d love to know if you tried this out and how you got on.


Simplistic Beauty x

Friday Featured Fashion Find

Why hello all!!

It’s this time of the week again, are you filled with oodles of that ‘Friday Feeling’, or just a heap of gloom and nostalgia because the holidays are over? Hopefully, this week’s fashion inspiration will spark some of the former and will also be easy on the purse….

Primark £5 each

Primark has introduced an amazing range of dresses in an array of styles and colours – these are only a few – for an unbelievable £5 each!!!! I mean… Wah?! Everywhere I’ve been hearing people grumble that Primark is getting more expensive, but I have to disagree. These are ideal for a night out, when you don’t want to really fork out as you can’t see yourself wearing it again, or for just chilling on holiday when you want something quick and easy to throw on. It not as though they are boring basics either, the lace and pastels are very this season and just soo feminine and pretty! Not to mention the gorgeous, rich jewel tones, perfect for an evening.

You know you want to…. 😉

Thank you for reading,


Simplistic beauty x

Friday Featured Fashion Find

Hello, my fellow fashionistas!


You all seemed to like my last featured fashion find so I’m going to try and make it a regular weekly thing, and I am head over heels with this week’s find…

Image 1 of ASOS Rain Mac With EarsImage 4 of ASOS Rain Mac With Ears

Asos £50

My first sighting of this wonderfully innocent, fun rain mac induced several speechless seconds while I was blown away by it’s adorableness and the amount of fashion boxes it managed to tick in one stylish garment. ‘Neon’ has been nailed down to a T, the coat nods towards ‘minimalist’ with the lack of visible fastenings and shaping, just the coat stripped down to the essentials, and sadly there isn’t a technical fashion-y word for the cute animal ears, but come on, how can you not fall in love with them?!

Not to mention, that this coat is designed specifically for April showers, as it is showerproof and has a drawstring hood which can easily be adjusted. Here I was, surrounded by all the delectable new Spring trends but unable to wear any of them due to the downright miserable weather, but here is my saviour. However, ogling from a distance and actually working up the guts to wear it in none other than Lincolnshire, is a completely different matter… 😉


What do you think? Thank you all for reading, until next time…


Simplistic beauty x

Fashion At Your Fingertips – Monochrome

Monochrome is a huge trend this Spring and Summer, but as are bright neons, and pastel, so if you want to base your look on one of the latter, you can add a touch of the trend for bonus style points simply onto your nails. And another great thing about it is… you only need two polishes – black and white! 😉 Stripes would look really effective here too, as you can see from the picture or in fact any geometric pattern that takes you fancy you could probably achieve either with a steady hand and a hair grip or some nail wraps. If you want to try and create your chosen look by hand, all you need to do is dot a splodge (very technical) of the polish onto a shiny surface like a magazine so that the polish doesn’t get absorbed. Next, you dip in your kirby grip and then sweep it over your nail in which ever pattern you want. In theory, you could paint stripes this way, but I reckon the tape is more idiot proof, therefore more suitable for me!

On the other hand, you could just take the easy way out and invest in some trusty, fuss-free nail wraps:


All availible from boots for £6.65 – I love!!

Please tell me your opinions in the comments (top left heart with the little number in it!) or perhaps some suggestions on what nail look you would like me to feature next? Everything is welcome!

Thank you for reading,

Simplistic beauty x

Featured Fashion Find!

Hello my Snowdroplets!

This week I came across these little beauties by Paul’s Boutique…



They are both reduced to £60 which is great for Paul’s Boutique, especially for the size, quality and sheer gorgeousness of these bags! My favourite is the modern and oh so on trend, neon one which would be a bright and funky addition to any outfit.

The other one is also bang on trend though, the minimalist elegant approach making it forgiving and very expensive and lady-like looking. Not to mention, the shape of both of them is soo this season – the bucket bag shape ties in with the boxy bag trend mentioned in my earlier ‘Beautiful Bags’ post. Oooo if only I had an excuse to buy one!!!

What do you think of them, I’d love to hear your opinions.

Thank you for reading,

Simplistic beauty xx