Current Nail Favourite: Model’s Own Indian Ocean

Hello Snowdroplets!

This stuff, as the title suggests, is definitely my new favourite nail varnish – let me try to explain why…

First off, I bought this bottle of nail varnish inside a bottle of nail varnish. Oh yes, you read that right. Model’s Own pop-up type shop is in the shape of a cute bubbly nail varnish bottle with pink ‘varnish’ spilling out – I mean how frickin’ awesome?! What I especially loved was how the staff spoke about The Bottle as if it was some kind of alternate dimension where nails were worshiped like Gods and nothing bad… like, dare I say, bare or chipped nails… existed. It was a little slice of girly, beauty heaven!

Anyway, onto the actual nail varnish. Normally £5 (but I bought mine with two others so it was cheaper), this is a gorgeous shimmery top coat. In the bottle, it looks like a combination of turquoise and pink swirls with tiny glitter particles, but on the nails these colours do not show so much. It lets the base coat colour shine through, simply providing a gorgeous sheen and subtly picking out the pinks and blues of the shade and letting those parts beautifully catch the light.

I’ve used Indian Ocean over two different base colours to give you an idea of it’s appearance:

DSCF1574[1] DSCF1577[1] DSCF1578[1] DSCF1580[1] DSCF1581[1] DSCF1583[1]


I’m not sure these pictures quite do justice to this topcoat. Also, I have no idea what that black mark on my little finger is is the last picture?! Ahh well ;-). The base colour in the first look is Avon’s Speed Dry in Sprightly Mint, a gorgeous fresh mint green for Spring/ Summer and the base coat for the second look is another Model’s Own nail varnish from their scented range (though I have never noticed a scent at all) in Grape Juice.


What do you think of this nail varnish? The only negative thing I can say about it is that it does take a while to dry, definitely at least 5 mintutes. But once it is on, it certainly seems to stay on and not chip – which is a must for me!


Thank you for reading,


Simplistic beauty xx


Fashion At Your Fingertips: Accent Nails

Accent nails. Some of you may be well acquainted with this term by now, if you are passionate about nail trends, however, I’m sure there are still a lot of you who, like my dear mother, are wondering with bemused curiosity why I have only added glitter to one of my nails. Did I get bored and give up? Run out of glitter? Or perhaps I was just trying out a new nail varnish? Nope, not quite, and no again, I was in fact experimenting with the fun new phenomena that is: accent nails, the trend taking the high street by storm!


So what is an accent nail? Basically, it can be defined as a single nail (typically the ring finger) painted with a different design to the other nails, but using complimentary or the same colour/s. I kept it simple and merely added a gold glitter topcoat to my base colour, but you can use your imagination and put your own stamp on this trend. I’ve even seen people paint, for example, a floral design on all but the ring finger nail, leaving the accent nail as a plain block colour. The options are endless!


The nail varnishes I used were Barry M’s Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Green Berry 350 for the base coat, and a mini glitter polish by Jessica which came in a gorgeous set I was lucky enough to receive for my birthday for the accent nail.


I think this is such a fun and creative trend which I can’t wait to play around with more! What do you think?

Thank you for reading,

Simplistic beauty xx

Fashion At Your Fingertips: Polka Dots

Polka dots are super cutsy and always will be. End of. But they seem to be especially popular at the moment, so I decided to do a classy, yet ever youthful spotty design on my nails today. 🙂



The nail varnishes I used were Revlon’s nail enamel in ‘White on White’ 050 and George’s surprisingly good quick dry nail varnish in ‘Boom’ 71. To do the spots I used my Avon nail art tool – aka. my new best friend! Sorry I’ve been slacking on the old ‘Fashion At Your Fingertips’ kind of, series, thingy but I’m not allowed nail varnish for school, I did this because I have an activity day tomorrow. Let’s hope it stays sunny!!

Thanks for reading,

Simplistic beauty x

Friday Featured FURRY?! Fashion Find

Low and behold, I give you the new predicted ‘Marmite’ of the fashion world – you’ll either love it or hate it. I must say, I’m rather… Baffled, by this revolution…..





£3 each, can be found in Superdrug

Your eyes do not deceive you, it is indeed fur for your nails. You apply your nail varnish and then immediately while the nail is wet, press it in the fur. And then, there you have it, ‘furfect’, if you will! But… Why?? Is it classy and chic to have hairy fingertips? Coloured fluff sprouting from your nails? I’m not sure…

But maybe if it’s merely a kind of velvet effect it might be more appealing. I can see that being cool! But fur? I’m always ‘fur’ious (get it?! 😉 ) if I get some fluff on my nails and they dry on! I don’t know. I guess I’d have to see it on, or even, shock horror, buy some myself to try it out.

What are your thoughts?

Thank you for reading,

Simplistic beauty x

Avon Speed Dry+

Ok, I am officially in love with this nail varnish. And what’s more, my epic quest to find myself some mint nail varnish is now over!! I know, I know, I’m a bit late to catch on to the pastel nail trend but better late than never, eh?


I was a bit disappointed at first actually, as I ordered this nail varnish and hadn’t actually seen it, it looked worryingly more white than green. My upset increased with the first coat as it came out really watery and milky. But it was dry as soon as I’d finished my other hand! So I pursued and did a second coat and it looked miles better and I am now IN LOVE with it, the shade is called ‘Sprightly Mint’. And it really is the quickest drying polish I’ve ever tried, you literally wait 30 seconds and it’s done. Oh, AND it was only £2.50 for 12ml so I will definitely be looking out for more of their shades!

Thank you for reading,

Simplistic beauty x