Happy Medium

Mid heels, midi dresses, midi skirts, mid-drift skimming tops… Ok, I made that last phrase up, but crop tops are also in, and are these sounding familiar? Because all things ‘midi’ are big news this season!


1 and 2. New Look £19,99   3. £17.99   4. Topshop £55.00

I can’t decide which colour scheme I prefer out of the first too… the casual tan with boho, festival-esque coloured sole, or the edgy monochrome with the aztec-ish patterned sole…! Which do you prefer? I adore the third red pair as well, for two reasons: 1) I adore the colour red. Striking, feminine, but with a hint of danger. And 2) this style with the band over the toe and the skinny strap around the ankle is all over the catwalk and looks chic and expensive. The same goes for the fourth pair, about the shape but these come in a sleek, sophisticated grey with a clean silhouette, but with an edgy, modern heel. What’s more, mid heels are far more feet friendly than whopping platforms, which is always a plus in my books!


1.2.3. 4.

1. Chiara £14.95    2. Select fashion £8    3. Fashion Union £15    4. Topshop £20

Aztec, tie dye, graphitti and bright and bold colours all make uber trendy and fashionable midi skirts and dresses. They are often really reasonably priced too – my favourite, the graphitti dress from Fashion Union, for example, is an awesome £15! £15!!! :-O!!!! You would probably be able to dress them up or down. When I asked my friend whether someone could wear it casually or for an event she said: ”Well… You wear clothes all the time don’t you?”, oh dear… this is why I love her! I personally prefer the bright, fun ones as opposed to the monochrome, sophisticated ones, but that’s just me, I know lots of people who look gorgeous with the more grown-up ones.


1.2. 3.

1. Topshop £14    2 Topshop £22    3. New Look £9.99

Cutsie or exotic, there’s one for everyone. Ok, I realise they’re a bit daring and scary but their the perfect holiday staple or they could be worn with a high-waisted skirt or shorts so you only reveal a strip of skin. I ADORE the first one, it’s just soo pretty!! And it’s a pretty good price for Topshop too. Not to mention the New Look one is so fun too, only £9.99. :-O

Which of the ‘midi’s are your favourites? I think the crop tops are the most fun, but then again, the dresses and skirts are so classy… and the heels so practical… I can’t decide!!

Thank you for reading

Simplistic beauty x


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