Friday Featured Fashion Find

”Here comes the sun, da da da DA!”


Forget what I said last week, bring on Summer!! Who can resist the tingling, golden rays cascading off you skin, the vast baby blue expanse stretching across the sky, the birds singing, the butterflies flitting, summer sizzling, not me. Forget neutrals, monochrome and all that, this week I’ve been all about colour and fun in the sun what with possibly the nicest bank holiday ever, so I hope these fresh and funky sunnies reflect this….


1.2.3.Image 1 of ASOS Half Frame Kitten Round Sunglasses4.Image 1 of Jeepers Peepers Duke Fuscia Round Frame Sunglasses



1. H&M £3.99

2. H&M £5.99

3. Asos £12

4. Asos £16

5. Topshop £20

6. Simply Be £16


Some of you may be ‘tut tutting’ at the high street brands here as I know a lot of people like to splash out for a classic, timeless pair sunglasses as they believe they are something which should be good quality, however I prefer cheap and cheerful on trend ones so I can replace them every year and have more than one pair! Though I can see the sense with both methods. 🙂

Which are your faves?

Thank you for reading,


Simplistic beauty x



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