Avon Speed Dry+

Ok, I am officially in love with this nail varnish. And what’s more, my epic quest to find myself some mint nail varnish is now over!! I know, I know, I’m a bit late to catch on to the pastel nail trend but better late than never, eh?


I was a bit disappointed at first actually, as I ordered this nail varnish and hadn’t actually seen it, it looked worryingly more white than green. My upset increased with the first coat as it came out really watery and milky. But it was dry as soon as I’d finished my other hand! So I pursued and did a second coat and it looked miles better and I am now IN LOVE with it, the shade is called ‘Sprightly Mint’. And it really is the quickest drying polish I’ve ever tried, you literally wait 30 seconds and it’s done. Oh, AND it was only £2.50 for 12ml so I will definitely be looking out for more of their shades!

Thank you for reading,

Simplistic beauty x


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