Friday Feautured Fashion Find

Hello, hello!

I’m going to get on with this week’s featured fashion find right away today without my usual rambling – which makes a change, I know!

It goes by the name of…. Ruby Red.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO, it is a great value, up to date BOUTIQUE which has a beautifully unique clothing and makeup range, a super cutsie selection of makeup and gorgeous, trendy purses and handbags which you won’t find anywhere else! Cool, huh?

Here are some of my favourite pieces of theirs…


1. £24 – HOW CUTE CAN YOU GET?!?! Love the pastels, florals, EVERYTHING!! :O

2. £19 – I adore the vintage, kitsch and pure adorableness of this… it even holds an actual piece of paper with tiny writing on it, I mean, how cool!

3. £18.50 – This graffiti print dress is overflowing with street sass and is an absolute bargain, snap it up quick before it sells out!

4. £2.50 – Ruby Red has a vast array of exotic and cute bath bombs and soaps but I especially liked this sparkly one! They have a small shop near where I live so I can say with confidence that they all smell amazing. 😉

Not many people know about this, so it’s perfect for something a bit different which none of your friends have. It’s actually competing for one of my favourite shops.

Thank you for reading 🙂


Simplistic beauty x


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