Friday Featured Fashion Find

Why hello all!!

It’s this time of the week again, are you filled with oodles of that ‘Friday Feeling’, or just a heap of gloom and nostalgia because the holidays are over? Hopefully, this week’s fashion inspiration will spark some of the former and will also be easy on the purse….

Primark £5 each

Primark has introduced an amazing range of dresses in an array of styles and colours – these are only a few – for an unbelievable £5 each!!!! I mean… Wah?! Everywhere I’ve been hearing people grumble that Primark is getting more expensive, but I have to disagree. These are ideal for a night out, when you don’t want to really fork out as you can’t see yourself wearing it again, or for just chilling on holiday when you want something quick and easy to throw on. It not as though they are boring basics either, the lace and pastels are very this season and just soo feminine and pretty! Not to mention the gorgeous, rich jewel tones, perfect for an evening.

You know you want to…. 😉

Thank you for reading,


Simplistic beauty x


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