Friday Featured Fashion Find

Hello, my fellow fashionistas!


You all seemed to like my last featured fashion find so I’m going to try and make it a regular weekly thing, and I am head over heels with this week’s find…

Image 1 of ASOS Rain Mac With EarsImage 4 of ASOS Rain Mac With Ears

Asos £50

My first sighting of this wonderfully innocent, fun rain mac induced several speechless seconds while I was blown away by it’s adorableness and the amount of fashion boxes it managed to tick in one stylish garment. ‘Neon’ has been nailed down to a T, the coat nods towards ‘minimalist’ with the lack of visible fastenings and shaping, just the coat stripped down to the essentials, and sadly there isn’t a technical fashion-y word for the cute animal ears, but come on, how can you not fall in love with them?!

Not to mention, that this coat is designed specifically for April showers, as it is showerproof and has a drawstring hood which can easily be adjusted. Here I was, surrounded by all the delectable new Spring trends but unable to wear any of them due to the downright miserable weather, but here is my saviour. However, ogling from a distance and actually working up the guts to wear it in none other than Lincolnshire, is a completely different matter… 😉


What do you think? Thank you all for reading, until next time…


Simplistic beauty x


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