Featured Fashion Find!

Hello my Snowdroplets!

This week I came across these little beauties by Paul’s Boutique…



They are both reduced to £60 which is great for Paul’s Boutique, especially for the size, quality and sheer gorgeousness of these bags! My favourite is the modern and oh so on trend, neon one which would be a bright and funky addition to any outfit.

The other one is also bang on trend though, the minimalist elegant approach making it forgiving and very expensive and lady-like looking. Not to mention, the shape of both of them is soo this season – the bucket bag shape ties in with the boxy bag trend mentioned in my earlier ‘Beautiful Bags’ post. Oooo if only I had an excuse to buy one!!!

What do you think of them, I’d love to hear your opinions.

Thank you for reading,

Simplistic beauty xx


3 thoughts on “Featured Fashion Find!

  1. As a new follower iI am loving the blogs. I am a big fan of the understated neutral nails but drawn to the neon Pauls Boutique on trend bag!

    Thank you

    • No, thank YOU!! I’m really glad you like my blog and appreciate that comment. I can’t get enough of them both either, imagine an outfit combining the two… :-O THE WONDERS!!! x

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