Fashion At Your Fingertips – Colour Blocking

Colour blocking has been in for a while now, but with the albeit late, arrival of Spring, it is a really hot trend, especially with such hot colour trends on the catwalk too – just think neon and the bright jewel colours I’ve already fussed over! So your nails are no exception…


This look is purely made up of two bold colours, one as a base and the other used for the tip, like a French manicure but with bright, primary colours. You can make it fun and fresh or classy and chic depending on what colours you choose. In the picture above I went for a bold, fresh outlook with a nod towards nautical. However, you must make sure that it is always that darker colour on top of the lighter, as I initially wanted alternate: blue on red, then red on blue, but soon discovered that the red didn’t show on top of the blue. 😦

So, if you want to create this look all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

1) Paint all of your nails in your chosen base colour.

2) Cover all your nails with Sellotape (yes, again!) leaving just the tip bare once your base is dry.

3) Paint the tip of all your nails and leave it to dry.

4) Slowly and carefully, peel off the Sellotape to reveal what should be a perfectly straight coloured tip!

5) Use a hair grip to dot on some more polish if there is a slight gap or such like and seal the look with a clear top coat.


Thank you for reading, like if you liked, follow for more, and comment your opinion!!

Simplistic beauty xx


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