Fashion At Your Fingertips: Pastel Nails

These sugary sweet, dreamy, candy shop shades are subtle and feminine but also add a pop of girly fun to your tips. I find them simply irresistable and total staples for Spring, they’re just too cute! 😉 Pretty pinks, airy and whimsical sky blues, minty fresh greens… which is your favourite? I am lusting over the adorable greens personally…

Pastel Nail Polish 1            Pastel Nail Polish 3            Pastle Nail Polish 4           Nails in Air Kisses

All from Topshop £5 each or currently 2 for £8

Not to mention how, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could paint candy coloured pinstripes by using a simple masking tape or Sellotape technique, passed down through centuries of beauty gurus… well, maybe not quite centuries, but the point is I’m now going to share it with you!  😉

^ Gorgeous!!

Tape Technique:

1) Cut a piece of tape big enough to cover your entire nail, but before placing it on the nail, cut of about 1/5 of it depending on how big and how many stripes you would like. Stick the smaller strip on the edge of a convieniant table or such like and stick the larger part on your nail. It should cover about 4/5 of it, therefore leaving a stripe (see how it’s going to work yet? 😉 ) bare.

2) In your first chosen colour, paint down the strip that you left bare of your nail and do not worry if you get any on the tape – that’s what it’s there for!

3) Carefully remove the tape and wait until the polish has fully dried before sticking the smaller strip you stuck on a table earlier ontop of the bit you just painted.

4) Cut off another strip from the larger piece of tape around the same size as the last and stick it on a table. Stick what remains of the larger strip on your nail, leaving a strip bare, directly adjacent to where you painted the other strip.

5) Paint along the strip you left bare in a different shade. When you remove the tape you should now have two adjacent stripes!

6) Repeat this process until you have covered your entire nail. Remember, you don’t have to limit your palette – experiment with several sherbet shades and see which combinations you prefer, you can also mix up whether you want vertical, horizontal, diagonal or zig zag lines! Zig zags could be achieved by cutting out zig zag strips from your tape.

Alternatively, if you believe you have a steady hand you could just you a white tipper for stripes, but then you limit yourself to having to have white stripes, whereas using the technique above you could line up a rainbow of colours side by side!

Thank you for reading, look out for the next edition of…

‘Fashion At Your Fingertips’, and follow Snowdrops so you don’t miss it! Also, feel free to comment any thoughts, questions and opinions you may have in the comments section. 🙂

Simplistic beauty xx


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