Fashion At Your Fingertips: Intro and Neutral Nails

An inexpensive and fun way to shake up your look is by injecting some life into your nails, maybe with a splash of colour, or perhaps you’ll try your hand at some nail art. Therefore, I will be writing a series of posts titled ‘Fashion At Your Fingertips’, which will give you one look per post. Here is the first look to get you started….



I love this glam and sophisticated look which is perfect for everyday. Keep it clean with cool greys, or warm and earthy with mushroom brown hues. In the picture, I am wearing NYC Colour’s Park Ave 246 which I have only recently purchased. I think it was something like £1.50 and I was really impressed with the high shine and gloss, meaning I haven’t had to bother with a top coat. I’ve never experimented with the so-called ‘Foundation Nails’ before so didn’t want to splash out, but they have proved to be a really cost effective buy as it’s now the 5th day I’ve been wearing them and I havn’t had one chip!! :-O Some other examples of where you can buy them include:

Avon (in the sale) £2.50

Miss Sporty £1.99

Please share your views and opinions on this look through the comments (the top left heart with the number in it), everyone is welcome!

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to follow Snowdrops for all the latest fashion and beauty news, not to mention the next exciting episode of ‘Fashion At Your Fingertips’!!

Simplistic Beauty xx


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