Paranormal Romance

This Autumn/Winter the fashion industry has decided to show it’s love for all things gothic, seemingly inspired by paranormal romance and vampire glamour. Recently, the world has been taken by storm by a fierce flurry of werewolves, vampires and such like – think ‘Twilight’! Just look at none other than Gucci’s latest designs (above).

Flowy lace is a must this season, preferably is a deep jewel tone like this violet skirt from Internacionale £10.99. Capable of being dressed up or down, the versatile medium length of this item lends itself to evenings or day wear. Also avaliable are several dresses from Internacionale similar to this is different colours.

Quiz clothing offers a wide range of tops that perfect the trend, some simple, casual and easy to wear and others more exquisite and formal but many for very affordable prices, for example all of the above are less than £10! Religious memorabillia such as crucifixes or rock-chick icons like skulls are usually a safe bet.

A leather jacket is an absolute style staple for Autumn – this one can be found at New Look for £35.99 though some cheaper alternatives may be availible. Pair with coloured skinny jeans for a sleek, refined look or wear with a flowy skirt for a more alluring appearance with a biker edge.

If you shop around a bit, you’ll find that all the high street stores have tuned into this trend, so if you havn’t already, it’s about time you did too! 😉

Thank you for reading,

Simplistic beauty x


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